About Me

Anna Pillsbury, Trauma-Informed Manifestation Coach

My journey with manifestation started in high school when I watched the film What the Bleep Do We Know!?It opened me up to the world of quantum physics and the idea that we each create our own reality. I then delved deeper into the world of manifestation with the teachings of Abraham-Hicks and The Secret

Despite all of my studying, I struggled with an unbearable self critic and massive resistance. It was only when I started learning about trauma and the nervous system through the works of Sarah Baldwin and The Centre for Healing that my whole life and all of my struggles started making sense.

With my newfound knowledge, I was able to have true compassion for myself and begin my healing journey. I trained at The Centre for Healing and became a Certified Trauma-Informed Manifestation Coach and Root Cause Therapy Practitioner so I could help others heal and create the lives of their dreams.